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With the adoption of HB 1365, leaders in Florida need to work together to address homelessness. Join us on May 29th at 1 PM for an exclusive briefing of Rethinking Homelessness's recommendations for Counties, Cities and Law Enforcement to help Florida implement the new law.


Rethinking Homelessness is one of the most successful homelessness initiatives in American history. Founded in 2013, the organization has worked with thousands of communities and leaders across Florida and America to address homelessness.

Using a combination of national webinars, advocacy campaigns, and coalition building, Rethinking Homelessness has engaged leaders nationwide to spearhead efforts increasing awareness, creating resources, and facilitating major policy & systems change to end homelessness.


Andrae Bailey is the founder and president of Change Everything, the leading social innovation organization in America dedicated to creating transformation on society's most seemingly unsolvable problems. His dedication to this work has made him one of the foremost experts alive on important issues like on poverty, education, homelessness, the opioid crisis, and now the mental health crisis impacting Gen Z and Millennials.


Bailey has personally led many of the largest and most successful initiatives in American history that have brought together and impacted those in need. In 2016, he developed Rethinking Homelessness, a pioneer in transforming and saving lives impacted by homelessness and poverty, followed in 2018 by Project Opioid, one of America’s leading advocacy groups working to solve the overdose crisis. This year, as the company relocates its headquarters to Miami, he is working to create Breaking Thru, a cutting-edge initiative targeting modern mental health solutions for Gen Z and Millennials struggling in society. 


Through Change Everything, Bailey has created one of the largest leadership collaborative networks in the United States, bringing together thousands of elected officials, business executives, philanthropists, tech innovators, faith leaders and passionate advocates from coast to coast helping them create impact at the local level. 


Bailey is also an accomplished public speaker, thought leader and strategic advisor who has worked as an organizational facilitator for many of the top companies in both public, private and independent sectors inspiring innovation that changes lives for good.


Andrae graduated from Heritage University and Seminary, where he received a master’s degree in divinity. He also completed the Crummer Graduate School of Business mini-MBA program at Rollins College. He has been awarded numerous accolades, including Floridian of the Year by the Orlando Sentinel in 2016 for his work on homelessness, and was ranked #1 in philanthropy by on Business Journals “50 Most Powerful” list. 


“This is the most important moment for leaders in human history. We have the opportunity to change the world for good, and in the process, change our communities and, just maybe, ourselves for the better. Together we can accomplish anything.”


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