During the 2-Day Intensive, our Principal Consultant, Andrae Bailey, will spend 2 days conducting a series

of virtual meetings with the key influencers from the various sectors of your region who can help drive changes in homelessness.

Disclaimer: All services will be offered virtually through phone and video conferencing in wake of the ongoing pandemic.

(3 to 6 months for completion)

Meetings may include sessions with:

  1. Key business leaders
  2. Top elected officials

  3. Current facilitators of homelessness intervention programs

  4. The most powerful business leaders in your region

  5. Top faith leaders

  6. Executives and upper management from the nonprofit arena

  7. Key personnel from your regional Continuum of Care

  8. Leaders and/or rank-and-file officers within law enforcement

  9. Leaders of important philanthropic organizations

  10. Top executives from the mental health and/or medical sectors of your community

During our series of meetings with your select regional leaders, we will advise your community on how to address its short-term and long-term homelessness concerns in wake of ongoing economic crisis initiated by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as offer our key recommendations on how to solve your most pressing homelessness concerns.

This program could be your best “first step” to create consensus for a new community-wide initiative to address homelessness. It could also help you and your organization establish a framework for engaging the broader community in a collective journey toward bigger solutions to homelessness-related problems.

This program is currently at capacity due to an overwhelming demand. However, you may register below to reserve a spot on our Wait List, and we will contact you by email immediately once this program becomes available.

Homelessness is a problem we can solve together. Do not hesitate to secure your opportunity to prevent homelessness in your community today.


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