Over the course of 9 weeks, our comprehensive 90-day eviction prevention program will help guide your community on how to build a collaborative, create a new eviction continuum, and how to target resources to vulnerable populations at the greatest risk of eviction and homelessness during COVID-19. The ultimate goal of the program is to create a new system for processing evictions to prevent high volumes of individuals, families, and single-parent households from life on the streets amid the ongoing pandemic.

Our program, costing a total of $9,500 for 9 weeks, includes weekly video coaching on the essential nine focus areas listed below, one-hour a week one-on-one coaching with staff and community members, and access to exclusive resources and materials unavailable outside of our program. This is by far the most affordable program we have created because we want to encourage your community to participate to prevent eviction and homelessness in your community.

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Cost: $9,500

Using Data to Shape Your Community Strategy



During our initial webinar session, we will provide coaching on how to use data to target vulnerable low-income households at greatest risk of eviction using our new formula by considering the following risk factors: Neighborhood, Income, Industry & COVID-19 Risk Factors.

Creating a New System for Evictions



Our team will teach your community how to build an eviction clearing house to process the potential surge of eviction cases facing your community amid the crisis.  Our new model illustrates how leaders can collaborate with landlords, tenants, existing homelessness systems, the judicial system, city and county leaders, and law enforcement to prevent families from life on the streets.

Building a Collaborative to Address the Crisis



Leaders will learn how to build a new collaborative of cross-sector advocates in law enforcement, cities, and counties to process evictions. The emergent team will create a three-pronged strategy for preventing evictions within the confines of the judicial system in your community.

Working with Landlords & the Business Community



We will assist your community in the creation of a system that incorporates leadership from the business community and collaborates with landlords to deter the eviction process from actualization.

Targeting Resources to Impact the Most in Need



During this weekly module, our Rethinking Homelessness CEO & Principal Consultant will share strategies on how to allocate and distribute resources to those in the greatest need of assistance amid the pandemic.  

Strengthening the Current Homelessness Systems



Leaders will need to reevaluate their former homelessness system(s) and deliberate on how they may make them stronger in light of the ongoing pandemic. This module will explain how communities of all sizes can strengthen their current homelessness systems to sustain an influx of new cases, as well as provide temporary shelter to those in need. 

Targeting the Court System and Law Enforcement



Our Principal Consultant will guide community leaders like you about how to create a "three-legged" approach to providing the necessary legal representation, financial assistance, and access to community service to aid vulnerable households at highest risk of eviction amid the pandemic.

Community Eviction Wrap Around Services



Those who re-enter the housing system due to eviction may need to be connected to essential childcare, rental and other services amid the pandemic. During this portion of our program, we will go into great detail about how your community can provide the adequate resources the most effectively and quickly as the eviction crisis approaches.

Launching Your Eviction Continuum Pilot Program



During our final module, we will share how to incorporate the eight elements above in a innovative new pilot program designed to provide immediate relief to those in greatest need and allow time to get the system up and running for when new federal relief becomes available for use in the near, but uncertain future.

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