This is the full-service and premier partnership program of Rethinking Homelessness. This program focuses on helping your organization develop the essential leadership you will need for success and the kind of cross-sector collective engagement you will need to actually change the landscape of homelessness in your region. Through this program, we will also help you strategize the type of cutting-edge advocacy campaign you will need to create momentum for your cause and the type of funding you will need to support a prolific housing program.

We will begin by thoroughly assessing your problem, as well as the supportive and detracting factors that may impact your efforts. We will also meet personally with many of your community’s top leaders to help educate them and assess their potential involvement in a homelessness initiative. Then we will guide you every step of the way in the development and implementation of a plan that enables you to achieve goals that are based on our assessment. And employing the “best practices” that have enabled communities across America to dramatically reduce homelessness, we will partner with you to help you form and execute a strategy that produces visible results.


Through this comprehensive initiative, Rethinking Homelessness will work with you to:

  • Conduct the initial meetings with cross-sector leaders that can create momentum for a meaningful campaign.

  • ​Assess the state of homelessness in your community and the best pathway for making homelessness rare, brief, and a one-time event for those who experience it.

Then Rethinking Homelessness will advise you as your organization works to:

  • Build an effective business council to drive your homelessness initiative

  • ​Formulate a powerful and effective awareness campaign that will utilize traditional media, social media, and high-profile endorsements to create momentum for your cause and agreement within your community

  • ​Integrate local government and key elected officials into the process of solving homelessness

  • ​Harness the power of the faith community to rally people around the moral aspects of your work

  • ​Impact public policy is a way that will make it possible for your region to effectively end homelessness

  • ​Develop new sources of public and philanthropic funding that can help you achieve your stated goals

  • ​Create a permanent governing structure to perpetuate your community’s successes and to create transparency and accountability for the future

Our Ending Homelessness Champions’ Initiative includes our 2-Day Community Intensive and our Homelessness Solutions Strategic Analysis Report. This premier partnership program requires approximately 12 months to complete, and month-to-month extensions are available.

(Approx. 12 months)


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