7 Things Law Enforcement can do to reduc

"7 Things Law Enforcement Can Do To Reduce Panhandling"

In light of recent cases such as Martin v. City of Boise, law enforcement agencies across America are searching for compassionate and common-sense ordinances, programs and policies for managing an uptick of panhandling, encampments and other homelessness-based issues. 

See our guide to learn the seven elements law enforcement can incorporate into their strategy to end homelessness. 

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"A Summary of Panhandling & Public Space management Case Law"

As homelessness continues to rise, communities nationwide are seeking to create ordinances pertaining to panhandling, sitting and lying in public spaces, and encampments that are compassionate while being compliant with federal case law.

To learn more about cases such as Schaumburg v. Citizens for a Better Environment, Reed v. Town of Gilbert, AZ, and more, see our Case Law Summary below:

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"7 Steps to Solve Homelessness in Your Community"

Is there a clear pathway to solving homelessness? At Rethinking Homelessness, we believe that if you incorporate these seven elements into your homelessness campaign, you will best position your community for long-term success.

For more information about which key elements to include in your initiative to combat homelessness, download our free guide: