PROGRAM COST: $4,500 
 PROGRAM START: February 3, 2021 
 STATUS: Open for Enrollment 

Congress recently extended the federal moratorium until the end of January and allocated $25 billion in rent relief to prevent thousands of families in communities like yours across America from losing their homes in 2021. Our comprehensive 6-week eviction prevention program is designed to help your community develop new strategies and allocate federal stimulus dollars to prevent the greatest number of vulnerable households from eviction and homelessness in the months ahead.


The ultimate goal of this program is to help communities most efficiently target limited resources to those at greatest risk of becoming evicted to prevent a new wave of families from entering the homelessness system this year.

Our program includes:


  • Six weekly video coaching sessions on the six essential areas of focus (one per week)

  • Six weekly 1-hour private coaching sessions with your staff members and community leaders (one per week, following the correlating video session)

  • Cohort Learning options to receive training in tandem with representatives of affiliate organizations or municipalities

  • Access to exclusive resources and materials that are unavailable outside of our program

  • Optional Additional Coaching services to best support your community’s social programs and initiatives including:

    • Media Consulting to raise public awareness on your organization’s advocacy campaign(s)

    • Fundraising Consulting to generate local resources in support of your initiative

    • Specific consulting on three additional specialty areas, such as the (a) opioid abuse crisis (b) mental health crisis (c) social justice issues.


Program Curriculum:


The six weekly video coaching sessions and the six weekly private coaching sessions are designed to be both instructive and to help your staff members and community leaders apply and implement the following six principles…


Using Data to Shape Your Community Strategy (Week of February 3-9) 

This webinar and private coaching session will provide your team with instruction on how to use data to identify vulnerable low-income households that are at the highest risk of eviction. The formula we have devised for targeting these vulnerable households focuses on each household’s neighborhood, income, industry, and COVID-19 risk factors. It is impossible to successfully engage any social problem until the nature and scope of that problem are fully understood. Data, therefore, must drive all actions and must become the objective standard against which your community’s progress will be measured.

Creating a New System for Evictions (Week of February 10-16) 

During this week, via webinar and private consultation, our team will teach your community how to build an eviction “clearinghouse” that can process the potential surge of eviction cases facing your city in the months ahead. Our new model will demonstrate how leaders can collaborate with landlords, tenants, the existing homelessness network, the judicial system, city and county government, and law enforcement to prevent families from being suddenly thrust upon the streets.

Building a Collaborative to Address the Crisis (Week of February 17-23)

We will teach your community leaders how to build a new collaborative of cross-sector advocates from the business community, law enforcement, and city and county government who can process evictions. The team that is assembled will create a three-pronged approach to preventing evictions through the confines of your local judicial system.

Working With Landlords and the Business Community (Week of February 24-March 2)

We will help your community create a system that incorporates leadership from the business community and that collaborates with landlords to preempt the eviction process with more favorable alternatives.

Targeting Resources to Impact Those With the Greatest Needs (Week of March 3-9)

The CEO and principal consultant of Rethinking Homelessness Initiative will share their strategies for steering new federal stimulus dollars and other resources toward those at the greatest risk of falling into housing-related homelessness after the eviction moratorium expires in late January.

Targeting the Court System and Law Enforcement (Week of March 10-16)

Our principal consultant will instruct your community’s leaders on how to create a “three-pronged” approach to serving the needs of residents who are at the highest risk of eviction during the pandemic.


Services included:


  • The necessary legal representation

  • Essential financial assistance

  • Access to community services


Contact: If interested in enrolling in or learning more about our program, please email Madison Rubert at and you will receive a response within one to two business days entailing more information.



With the 2-Day Intensive, our Principal Consultant, Andrae Bailey, will spend 2 days conducting a series of virtual meetings with the key influencers from the various sectors of your region who can help drive changes in homelessness.

During our series of meetings with your select regional leaders, we will advise your community on how to address its short-term and long-term homelessness concerns in wake of the ongoing economic crisis initiated by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as offer our key recommendations on how to solve your most pressing homelessness concerns.

This program could be your best “first step” to create consensus for a new community-wide initiative to address homelessness. It could also help you and your organization establish a framework for engaging the broader community in a collective journey toward bigger solutions to homelessness-related problems.

Meetings may include sessions with:


  1. Key business leaders
  2. Top elected officials

  3. Current facilitators of homelessness intervention programs

  4. The most powerful business leaders in your region

  5. Top faith leaders

  6. Executives and upper management from the nonprofit arena

  7. Key personnel from your regional Continuum of Care

  8. Leaders and/or rank-and-file officers within law enforcement

  9. Leaders of important philanthropic organizations

  10. Top executives from the mental health and/or medical sectors of your community

Homelessness is a problem we can solve together. Do not hesitate to secure your opportunity to prevent homelessness in your community today.



If your community needs to re-engage and chart a new course on the crisis of homelessness, we can help you start that process by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the challenges you will face. Our strategic analysis begins by completing a 2-day intensive in your community and collecting data to understand the scope of the problem.

We can help your community develop a clear strategy on homelessness that can serve as the basis of a successful campaign to transform this vital issue. This assessment and the leadership meetings we will conduct in the process of producing it will help show your local leaders and decision-makers the problem from all perspectives and help them understand the best practices they need to implement in order to make lasting changes on homelessness.​

Our in-depth community assessment will help you fully grasp:​


  1. The scope of your homelessness problem

  2. Best practices for confronting the challenges created by homelessness

  3. The collaboration and systems alignments you will need to adopt in order to transform this issue, and…

  4. The advantages and disadvantages that your current community landscape presents for you in your efforts to make meaningful changes.



This is the full-service and premier partnership program of Rethinking Homelessness.


This program focuses on helping your organization develop the essential leadership you will need for success and the kind of cross-sector collective engagement you will need to actually change the landscape of homelessness in your region.

Through our Champion's Initiative, we will also help you strategize the type of cutting-edge advocacy campaign you will need to create momentum for your cause and the type of funding you will need to support a prolific housing program.

We will begin by thoroughly assessing your problem, as well as the supportive and detracting factors that may impact your efforts. We will also meet with many of your community’s top leaders to help educate them and assess their potential involvement in a homelessness initiative. Then we will guide you every step of the way in the development and implementation of a plan that enables you to achieve goals that are based on our assessment. And employing the “best practices” that have enabled communities across America to dramatically reduce homelessness, we will partner with you to help you form and execute a strategy that produces visible results.

Through this comprehensive initiative, Rethinking Homelessness will work with you to:


  1. Conduct the initial meetings with cross-sector leaders that can create momentum for a meaningful campaign

  2. Assess the state of homelessness in your community by conducting outreach on your streets

  3. Evaluate how your community satisfies the new legal standards for ordinances and shelter capacity in your area

  4. Assess the best pathway forward for making homelessness a rare, brief, and one-time event for those who experience it in your locality

Then Rethinking Homelessness will advise you as your community works to:


  1. Build an effective business council to help strengthen your homelessness initiative

  2. Formulate a powerful and effective awareness campaign that will utilize traditional media, social media, and high-profile endorsements to create momentum for your cause and collaboration within your community

  3. Integrate all levels of local government into the process of solving homelessness

  4. Harness the power of the faith community to rally people around the moral aspects of your work

  5. Inform public policy in a way that will make it possible for your region to effectively end homelessness

  6. Develop new sources of public and philanthropic funding that can help you achieve your stated goals

  7. Create systems and structures that are built upon transparency and accountability

Homelessness is a problem we can solve together. Do not hesitate to secure your opportunity to prevent homelessness in your community today.

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