"Preparing for the Coming Eviction Crisis:

How Communities Can Prevent Eviction & Homelessness During COVID-19"

August 11th, 2020

Thousands of families in communities like yours across America are at dire risk of eviction as the economic consequences of COVID-19 continue. However, there are ways civic leaders can take action now to save vulnerable households in your community from life on the streets in the weeks and months ahead.


Watch our webinar to learn how your community can use groundbreaking research and innovative new strategies to prevent widespread eviction and homelessness during the unprecedented eviction crisis facing your region today

Topics of Discussion

  • Use cutting-edge data to identify target populations at risk of eviction in your area during the pandemic


  • Create innovative, new strategies to proactively prevent unprecedented eviction and homelessness


  • Utilize federal, state, and local funding to support your community's eviction crisis response


  • Collaborate with government, law enforcement, renters, and tenants to keep your citizens housed and off your streets amid the looming eviction crisis


Andrae Bailey

Founder & President

Webinar Materials

Eviction Facts Sheet Image-01.png

COVID-19 Eviction Fact Sheet

Eviction Crisis Webinar August 11th 2020

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