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At Rethinking Homelessness, we believe in order to lead the crusade against homelessness, community leaders must be armed with tried-and-tested strategies that work. As a data-driven organization, we host complimentary webinars and create new step-by-step guides each month as part of our mission to help leaders across the country solve homelessness using collective impact.


For access to our full webinar recordings and online guides about how to best manage panhandling, encampments and other homelessness-related issues in your city, scroll through our resource gallery below.



Throughout the year, Rethinking Homelessness hosts a series of complimentary webinars to share our real and lasting solutions to homelessness-related issues with community leaders across the country. To re-watch our past broadcasts from this year, please review the video recordings below.


Series for mayors

Series for united ways

Series for Continuums of Care



Browse through our selection of complimentary guides created by our team to aid community leaders like yourself while creating a homelessness strategy that will produce big change in your community...

"7 Steps to Solve Homelessness in Your Community"

Is there a clear pathway to solving homelessness? At Rethinking Homelessness, we believe that if you incorporate these seven elements into your homelessness campaign, you will best position your community for long-term success.

For more information about which key elements to include in your initiative to combat homelessness, download our free guide:

"A Summary of Panhandling & Public Space management Case Law"

As homelessness continues to rise, communities nationwide are seeking to create ordinances pertaining to panhandling, sitting and lying in public spaces, and encampments that are compassionate while being compliant with federal case law.

To learn more about cases such as Schaumburg v. Citizens for a Better Environment, Reed v. Town of Gilbert, AZ, and more, see our Case Law Summary below:

"4 Things a Continuum of Care Can Do To Create Resources to End Homelessness"

According to a recent poll we conducted of nearly 100 Continuum of Care leaders across the country, creating the necessary resources and funding to support your homelessness campaign was amongst your organizations' greatest challenges. 

In response, we created a complimentary playbook revealing our four-step solution to drive more resources towards your Continuum of Care's homelessness initiative.

"4 Things a Continuum of Care Can Do To End Homelessness"

Although it is great that many organizations are independently working to address homelessness in your localities, we are more effective when we combine forces.

Review our guide to learn how you can use collective impact to create a business-driven, community-wide awareness campaign and achieve your Continuums of Care's big goals: