If your community needs to re-engage and chart a new course on the crisis of homelessness, we can help you start that process by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the challenges you will face. We can help your community develop a clear strategy on homelessness that can serve as the basis of a successful campaign to transform this vital issue. This assessment and the leadership meetings we will conduct in the process of producing it will help show your local leaders and decision-makers the problem from all perspectives and help them understand the best practices they need to implement in order to make lasting changes.​

​Rethinking Homelessness offers an in-depth community assessment that will help you fully grasp:

  • The scope of your homelessness problem

  • Your best strategy for confronting the challenges created by homelessness

  • The collaboration and systems alignments you will need to adopt in order to transform this issue


  • The advantages and disadvantages that your current community landscape presents for you

       in your efforts to make meaningful changes.


Our Homelessness Solutions Strategic Analysis and Report includes our 2-Day Community Intensive and requires approximately 90 -120 days to complete.

(Approx. 90 to 120 days)


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