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Our work with homelessness began right here in our hometown of Orlando. When we assumed responsibility for finding solutions to homelessness in this community, Orlando had just been designated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as the number-one mid-sized city in America for chronic homelessness, and the city was ranked in the top four in every category of homelessness measured by the federal government. But in just 36 months, we led a collective effort that reduced homelessness in Orlando by 60 percent, prompting the federal government’s homeless “czar” to describe our results as “one of the more astonishing transformations I have seen in my career.”

We succeeded where others had failed because we were committed to finding a collaborative approach to the problem and to implementing the “best practices” we had gathered from communities across America with track records of success. With the goal of ending homelessness in mind, we were able to bring together elected officials, business executives, faith leaders, and concerned philanthropists and nonprofit leaders to create a consensus strategy for significantly reducing homelessness in Orlando. Then we funded and implemented that strategy to produce unprecedented results.

About us


Our Founder


Andrae Bailey

Founder & CEO

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Madison Rubert

Director of Partnership Development

Amber Addario

Director of Operations

Nick Henry

Technical Writer